Harris Teeter is an American supermarket chain. HT is based in North Carolina. Employees have access to their MyHTSpacelogin portal. Harris Teeter is a chain of stores with 255 branches in the South Atlantic states. Bakery products, dairy products, frozen meals, groceries, meats, drugstores, and the like are available from HT.


MyHTSpace is an easy-to-use online space created for Harris Teeter store employees. Harris Teeter also had an online website that gave consumers access to a variety of resources, including online shopping. With the introduction of MyHTSpace, the organization wanted to offer its employees added value through the various services on the portal.

or Get Help

MyHTSpacewas also created to provide employers with all the information they need about employees. However, the employees who work there have problems with the sign-in or registration process. Therefore, this article is intended for employees who are having trouble logging in or registering on the portal.

Harris Teeter Priority Manager takes care of your valued employee. Therefore, MyHTSpaceoffers the customer or employee several advantages. In order to use all the benefits, employees must register on MyHTSpacein order to easily access the official login portal with the login details provided.

Get Yourself Registered With The Following Steps

Individuals who are Harris Teeter employees have the opportunity to register and take advantage of all the benefits. Non-Harris Teeter employees cannot register and activate on this portal. Next, we will go through the steps to register for the MyHTSpacepartner portal.

  • First, the user must visit the official web portal by opening a browser such as Google or Opera.
  • Then click the link that opens the main page of the website.
  • There you will find the username, password, and login button.
  • People who already have an account can enter the data directly and click the Login button and access the portal.
  • Those who have not yet registered should click on the Login button available on the main page of the official MyHTSpaceportal.
  • After clicking Register, you will be taken to the page where you will be asked for some details.
  • This registration process consists of four sections, namely
    1. Education
    2. Create
    3. Confirm
    4. Link
  • The user must enter the first section of the information
  1. MyHTSpaceCompany Key – Case sensitive and can be obtained by the user who does not have it from the Performance Manager.
  2. Social Security Number (SSN) – This is a nine-digit number assigned to you when you register.
  3. Date of Birth (MM / DD / YY): Enter your date of birth in the format provided.
  4. Then click Next.
  • In the Create section, you must define your username and password that will be used to access the portal.
  • They also request a valid email id that will receive the link to confirm the account.
  • Then click, continue and go to the confirmation section.
  • Here you must review all the information provided and click the Confirm button.
  • There you will be redirected to the login area, where you will need to click Submit.

The steps above are easier and more convenient to access the employee portal. After completing this registration process, a verification link will be sent to your registered email id, where you will need to open your email and click on it. This completes the entire registration process. This portal can be used in three different languages, namely English, French and Spanish. Depending on the user’s needs, you can select the language and the tracking.

Login Steps For Registered Employees 

Harris Teeter employees can only log into the portal after the registration process. After successful registration, you will have access to log in to this employee portal. These are the steps that the employee can follow and log into the portal.


  • As everyone knows, the first thing the user should do is check whether the Internet connection is working on his device or not.
  • Then open any browser and look for the official portal
  • Clicking on the website will take you directly to the on-screen login page.
  • Employees must enter their username and password, which are provided upon registration.
  • After entering this information, click the Login button.

Here are the simple steps to follow when registering on the MyHTSpacepartner portal.

Enjoy The Login Portal Benefits

As already mentioned, MyHT Space is an employee login portal through which employees can view special benefits, check payments, view new offers, and also manage their entire account through this portal.

In fact, MyHTSpaceoffers many employee benefit plans, which makes it even more special.

As an employee, MyHTSpaceoffers the following benefits:

  • Most importantly, you get better health insurance that includes your family and, in fact, covers most of the benefits of a regular health program.
  • In addition, you will receive all the legal benefits that you should receive as an employee, including all your basic needs as an employee.
  • You get a work-life solution not found in every business.
  • Then you get the special discount on the VIC card that pays the lowest value for the price of the products that others pay and you get special discount coupons and coupons every season.
  • And finally, your children benefit from academic support if they are eligible under certain conditions.

After all, it is your savings plan, it is actually your paycheck that we take out every month so that you can get a large ransom amount for as long as you retire or spend time with us.


Additionally, employees can also view company profiles, working hours, and other factors. Get MyHTSpaceprogramming and simplify your work life.

To Change Password Follow The Given Steps

We assume that you do not know your password and cannot log in, or want to update it for your convenience. We are always there for you:

  • To change the password, follow these steps:
  • Open your profile and go to Settings
  • Choose your account settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click on the password field.
  • Enter your old password in the appropriate boxes, followed by the new password.
  • Save the password.

If you forgot your password:

  • To reset your password, go to the MyHTSpacelogin page.
  • Select “I forgot my username or password.” You will be asked to enter security information, such as your company password or your date of birth.
  • Click Next
  • You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • After opening the link, you can change the password.

Who wouldn’t want a MyHTSpace account with all the benefits it offers and now that you have all the details you need to get started, don’t wait?

MyHTSpace-Forgot Password

If you have any questions, please contact the MyHTSpace authentication portal. The authentication process and how to create a new username or password are described in the previous article.

Before You Get Logged In You Need Below Details

To log in, each account must have some details. That is why here we have listed the conditions of access to MyHTSpacefor employees. They are

Internet Connection: The employee who wants to connect to the employee portal must check if the Internet is working or not.

Device: Before logging into the portal, the employee suggested using their device so that the login information is safe and secure.

Account Activation: To access the Employee Portal, the user must be a Harris Teeter employee. Otherwise, your account will not be activated.

Access Data: essential to use the employee portal. Users must have access to data such as username and password to log into myspace.

These are all requirements to access the Harris Teeter Employee Portal. Additionally, users can test the benefits of Publix Employee Oasis Login and learn more about them.

Know Connection Problems

Both the username and password are case-sensitive. So please check if CAPS lock is enabled/disabled. Make sure to access the portal with a compatible browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

One of the main factors in accessing your login portal is the storage of unwanted data in your browser. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache and try to access the portal again.

If all else fails, try opening the portal from the private/unknown version of your browser.

Official NameMyHTSpace
Issued By Harris Teether
Features Work Schedule, Credit & All features.
ProvidesEmployee Login portal

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being an employee of Harris Teeter?

The benefits for your employees and their families are numerous. Some of them are listed above and the company offers safety benefits to its employees.

What is the age limit to join or work at Harris Teeter?

They are currently accepting applicants ages 16-17.

Who to contact regarding the candidacy of Harris Teeter?

You can call 704-844-4600 and resolve any application problems.

Are there Harris Teeter gift cards?

The answer is an absolute yes. Employees and customers receive various gift certificates and coupons.

Avail To Various Services

Once an employee has gone through the account creation process, they can log into their account. From there, you can add a photo to your profile, change passwords, emails, and other editable information. To change your profile photo on the portal, you must select your account settings, click on the image above, and navigate to select a new photo on your computer. Then crop the image accordingly and upload the selected photo.

If you want to change your email address, go to your account settings, go to Emails and enter the new email address. The update is verified by a password request and as soon as you enter your password, your email address changes automatically. From the above services, we can conclude that MyHTSpace directly provides the best services.

Harris Teeter stores care and do whatever it takes to meet the needs of your job. There is a well-planned benefits program that aims to improve your work-life balance. The streamlined user interface allows the user to access job plans, important announcements, job plans, and salary updates.


Employees can easily track their weekly plans and the paid time off they can take within a certain period of time through the portal. This system also allowed the HR department to calculate salaries easily and directly. This portal also makes teamwork easier, as employees can quickly get in touch with their teammates.


North Carolina. It is one of the largest supermarket companies in the Atlanta area with almost 255 stores in the 7 Atlantic states. Again, in this supermarket, people were served many items, from dairy, meat, groceries to medical items, everything is available here.

In fact, this organization was first founded by Kroger Co, but in particular, it was originally founded by Willis Teeter and W.T. Harris in the North Carolina area.And so far, those 255 supermarkets have been run by more than 30,000 employees in 7 states.In addition, they continued to offer many discounts to Harris Teeter users, so they introduced a special card for users.

They not only care about their clients, but also about their employees who work for them every year.So they not only take good care of their employees but also their families and offer many health benefits, discounts, and more that no other organization can offer.

Final Words

MyHTSpaceis a very important support tool for all Harris Teeter employees. Quick access to the portal provides users with many benefits and services that they can use with a single click. With this portal, the company provides a platform that allows employees to interact and improve a friendly environment that their employees value.

That was all the essential information on MyHTSpace. More information is available at You can then follow the steps given to create an account and change the settings.

Above is the complete MyHTSpacelogin information, its benefits, and the registration process. Harris Teeter employees can view and track information appropriately by logging into the employee portal at

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