MyHTSpace was created to give Harris Teeter employees access to all benefits, including a competitive salary, excellent work-life balance, and high-quality financial, financial, and other benefits. Employees can log into existing accounts through the online portal. New users can start registering their account and login details can be viewed online.


This partner portal has many advantages. We are here to provide these lists and help all staff obtain and utilize all of these great benefits. Every company attaches great importance to offering benefits to its employees first. Because they believe that their business will perform better with their products if the employees are happy. The primary purpose of MyHTSpace benefits is to protect Harris Teeter employees and their families. Here’s a list of the benefits Harris Teeter employees deserve.

MyHTSpace Benefits

  1. Medical Benefits
  • Dentists
  • Eyecare
  1. Insurance Plans
  • Life insurance for your loved ones
  • AD&D Safe Supplement
  • Short term disability
  • Health insurance
  1. Legal Advantages
  • Long term disability
  • Solutions for work and private life
  • Discounts associated with the VIC card
  1. Educational Benefits
  2. Retirement Planning
  • 401 (k) Equivalent Business Contribution Systems
  1. Reward-For-Service Programs


All of these benefits are available to everyone at Harris Teeter.

Through this online employee portal, you can check your work schedule, request leave, get help from your colleagues, and, in any case, get in touch with higher authorities. Harris Teeter employees enjoy many other benefits by using this MyHTSpace online portal. Well here are all the amazing benefits, uses, how to login, register, and chat more. We hope this helps you use this employee portal effectively.

Harris Teeter tents meet the demands of your job and do whatever it takes. There is a well-planned benefits program that aims to improve your work-life balance. The streamlined user interface gives the user access to job plans, important announcements, job plans, and salary updates.