Economic Transformation in Indonesia: A Change in Perspective

Before Gojek existed, motorcycle taxi drivers weren’t organised at all. Even car-based transportation still has informal service providers. Drivers, thus, had to rely on whatever jobs they could get on a day-to-day basis. Gojek offers better access to jobs and has started providing basic security to its drivers, such as accident insurance and healthcare. This … Read more

Why Southeast Asia Would Be a Ripe Opportunity in the Market, Poor Infrastructure Hampering Growth Till Now.

Nonetheless, the feature has opened Amazon up to the region’s highest spenders and those already aware of its service. It may also provide valuable high-level insight into Southeast Asian countries—and gain traction with merchants in major markets—before Amazon embarks on its local service expansion. In countries where e-commerce is still in its infancy, where average … Read more

Amazon reaches Malaysia and Singapore markets with new shipment hubs in Malaysia

“Amazon is the one everyone should be worried about,” a senior venture capital executive, who has invested in online retail startups in Southeast Asia, told us. “The wonderful headstart that e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia have enjoyed is because Amazon hasn’t come… yet.” Amazon declined to comment on its expansion plans past and present for … Read more

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at AirAsia’s Strategies that Defeated Lion Airlines and Became Indonesia’s National Airline

For AirAsia’s rivals, desperate to move towards profitability, the drastic steps—raising prices and leaning on OTAs—were vital for survival. AirAsia, although facing its own struggles for profitability, seems unfazed. Rather than toeing the line of OTAs or rivals, it has chalked out a digital strategy it hopes will differentiate it from the competition and turn … Read more