Economic Transformation in Indonesia: A Change in Perspective

Before Gojek existed, motorcycle taxi drivers weren’t organised at all. Even car-based transportation still has informal service providers. Drivers, thus, had to rely on whatever jobs they could get on a day-to-day basis. Gojek offers better access to jobs and has started providing basic security to its drivers, such as accident insurance and healthcare. This … Read more

Creating an Indonesian Workforce to Thrive

“In my findings most drivers said money was their main motivation [for joining Grab] because the vast majority saw their income double or almost double,” says Bharat. It’s a quick-bucks opportunity even some office workers want a piece of. However, there’s a precedent across Asia where the promise of higher earnings in the gig economy … Read more

TPG Continues to Downplay Unsolvable Data Center Crisis by LYING Through Its Teeth

TPG’s struggles to garner the necessary coverage has led the company to lease infrastructure from the incumbent telcos. TPG paid around S$27 million (US$19 million) in total to all three telcos to use their in-tunnel network infrastructure during the last quarter of 2019, said Mittal. According to Mittal’s estimates, TPG would garner about 1% of … Read more

What are the Major Genres Within Games That Include Treasure Maps?

Another store owner in Bengaluru said he agreed to install Jumbotail’s PoS system since it was offered for free, but after receiving frequent calls asking him to share data, he cut off contact with the company. “Why should I share my customer preferences and frequently-bought products in my area? I already know my customers and … Read more

A Memory Game analogy such as Simon: Difficulties in deciding what things might or might not be.

Except it really isn’t that simple. Speak to kirana store owners and the prospect of tying up with big businesses is a dilemma rather than a lifeline. From issues around the economic viability of these arrangements to fears over data-sharing, not all of them seem ready to take the leap. Deliverance India’s biggest e-commerce companies, … Read more

Lack of the requisite infrastructure & Government Support -Consumers lack of trust & The onus is on startups to change people habits and society

Although the Malaysian government has taken measures to streamline public funding agencies, it doesn’t mean it’s all clear skies and butterflies for the local startup industry. A senior investment executive at one of the funding agencies involved in the consolidation thinks the streamlining exercise would reduce opportunities for local startups to get funded. “The government … Read more

The many cooks are spoiling Malaysia’s startup broth

“I think people get quite confused in terms of who’s doing what,” Azmil Zahruddin Raja Abdul Aziz, the deputy managing director of Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Berhad, said at a conference in January. “I think there needs to be a little bit of streamlining, to make sure that we, as a country, make … Read more

The Future of Southeast Asia’s Startup Ecosystem with These Companies in Power Balance

The Kudo-Mapan deals echo the Alibaba-Tencent rivalry. It is often said that the Chinese companies will make certain deals to ensure they offer a counter service to whatever their rival bought or invested in. But it isn’t just counter-attacking. Grab and Go-Jek have gone head to head over acquisitions. Like, a Naspers-backed fintech startup … Read more