The Ongoing War Between Grab and Go-Jek and What the Outcome Industry Equals, So Far

Google and Microsoft, too, find themselves on opposing sides. Both have poured over $100 million into the duo—Google in Go-Jek and Microsoft in Grab. The size of these deals hasn’t been previously reported. At this point, Grab and Go-Jek have become the de-facto gatekeepers to Southeast Asia’s digital economy. Companies entering the region are flocking … Read more

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at AirAsia’s Strategies that Defeated Lion Airlines and Became Indonesia’s National Airline

For AirAsia’s rivals, desperate to move towards profitability, the drastic steps—raising prices and leaning on OTAs—were vital for survival. AirAsia, although facing its own struggles for profitability, seems unfazed. Rather than toeing the line of OTAs or rivals, it has chalked out a digital strategy it hopes will differentiate it from the competition and turn … Read more

Start with a Narrative Chapter on Background Information

Delivery Hero had been competing with Woowa in South Korea, so the deal puts an end to that rivalry, serving both sides. Details of the deal are still under review by South Korea’s antitrust regulator, however, and the companies plan to continue operating both apps separately. But Southeast Asia is a different story—a challenge Woowa’s … Read more